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derbyshire therapist Julia Wright



It's normal to feel apprehensive about counselling and therapy.

Opening up to someone new, and starting an unfamiliar process, can seem like a daunting first step.

But you are making it, and in doing so you are pointing yourself in the right direction to help yourself grow and manage day to day life with a stronger mindset.

When you decide that the time is right,  I will be here to support you.

Below are some of the details you may find useful, whether you have already booked a session, or are considering doing so for the first time.


The Details


Where will the Counselling be held?


The therapy room I have chosen is at my home. I have selected the room as it embodies the importance of creating a warm, tranquil and relaxed space in which to feel safe in exploring the issues that have brought you to therapy. There is parking available outside the house.

I am also exploring the possibilities of offering online counselling sessions via Skype. If this is of interest, please let me know.

How long will the session be?


Each session will last for 50 minutes. The number of sessions to be undertaken will depend on each individual. This is something that can be discussed during your first session.

What is the cost of the session?


Students: £30 per session

Individuals: £45 per session

Couples: £65 per session

Payments should be made at the start or end of each session, by cheque or cash.

What can I expect from the session?


The first session will start with some information gathering. We will explore your history and develop an understanding of the reasons that brought you to therapy .

There are no rights or wrongs here, and no significant or insignificant reasons. This exploration allows me to find the best way to support you.

I follow strict codes of practice regarding client confidentiality, as established by the BACP guidelines.

How can I prepare for the session?


There is no real preparation needed for the session. However, you can start to think about your expectations and the type of goals you would like to achieve from therapy. This will help me to gain a further understanding of your objectives and needs, and will be unique for each person.