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Therapy in Derby

Modern day therapy can be used as an activity of health for the mind.

Just as we use the gym and good nutrition for physical health, regular counselling can keep the mind healthy and ready to deal with life's challenges.

Hello & Welcome


My name is Julia Wright, I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and have been working for the last 25 years within the field of mental wellbeing. I hold Registered member status of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I have an accredited Bsc Hons degree in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Sherwood Institute (SPTI) in Nottingham.


I began as a project worker for a homeless project, and thereafter qualified as a Social worker with an interest in adult mental health, working within this field for several years. I was later employed by the Police service as a Welfare and Counselling Advisor, during which time I received extensive in-house training.   I have a strong interest and experience in areas such as:

stress and anxiety management


relationship issues


bereavement support

I have also worked with individuals exposed to traumatic events (including Tsunami aid workers), led debriefs following critical incidents, and delivered training courses in subjects such as stress and anxiety management, and adult protection.

I have seen the remarkable benefits that therapy can provide in the life of my clients.


Humanistic & Integrative Counselling

I offer a client-centered approach based on respect, empathy and honesty. I will support you in exploring yours reasons for seeking therapy, within a non-judgmental environment. By creating a safe, open and genuine relationship with you, we can together find ways to deal with the difficulties you are experiencing. This can help you develop the tools to find clarity and become more confident, empowered and self-fulfilled when dealing with life's challenges.

The therapy room I have chosen also embodies the importance of creating a warm, tranquil and relaxed space in which to feel safe in exploring the issues that have brought you to therapy.

Modern Life

Modern life can be chaotic. We can feel out of control, and under pressure to hold everything together. Leading lives where we are trying to be so many things at once, and perfect at them all, can become overwhelming.  I'm here to help you discover that you don't need feel that way.  We can work together to tap into the tools that you have naturally available to manage and cope with modern day life and the situations that arise. 

Modern day therapy can be used as activity of health for the mind. Just as you would go to the gym or eat better to keep your body healthy, regular counselling sessions can help to keep your mind healthy and ready to deal with the vast and varied situations with which life can challenge you .

When you decide that the time is right to take the first step,  I will be here to support you.

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